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Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post money line says Obama is going to win . -375 to +285
That tells you a lot.......
Id be willing to wager a large sum of 10 bucks that Romney has a decisive victory. I think there are many like me...former Obama voters who feel that he has been a horrible president that will not vote at all or even more devastating, will vote for mitt. Couple this with the massive enthusiasm gap and I believe that Mitt will win in a crushing victory.

Who has Obama actually helped? Obama care takes away 750 billion from medicare.

50% of college graduates cannot find jobs!

Student debt is becoming INSANE

5 million fewer women are working today than when he took office.

The average family household income has dropped by thousands of dollars a year.

black unemployment has hit 15%!

-Obama ran Chrysler plants to Mexico and 61% is now owned by Italian company Fiat.

-GM is heading towards bankruptcy again and it's widely believe that the auto bailout was an utter failure.

Who has benefitted from obama other than the stakeholders of Green energy companies?

His only supporters are those that blindly follow the party with no regard to reality.

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