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They call themselves socially liberal to justify their fiscal perspectives. Whether they are or aren't is not the point. They like to think that the democrats will be happy as long as gay people can get married and women can have abortions, and as such believe that there are enough liberal-minded people in this country to prevent a total right-wing takeover. I've always voted democrat and I will continue to do so, because my money is irrelevant so long as I have enough of it to pay taxes and give to charity and enjoy my life in comfort. Obviously that's a dumb statement, but the point is, I know I don't need to fight to keep my money as long as I keep making it.

The reason why I said I don't want to vote is that I don't want to encourage this highly adversarial behavior among all Americans. I just don't feel right about it. I feel like the person that sees a crime and does nothing to stop it.