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The argument that Obama inherited a bad economy is partially true but to use that as an excuse is misleading.

Reagan inherited a far worse economy than obama. Unemployment was higher, gas was literally being rationed. And in 3.5 years he turned it all around. We have 5 million fewer women working now than when obama took office. Minority unemployment has shot through the roof. In September 2012 alone 360,000 people gave up looking for work. Black unemployment has skyrocketed to 15%. He doubled our debt when he said he would cut it in half. Obama had the house and senate controlled for his first 2 years which is a rare advantage. I hate to say it...I really wanted him to succeed. But Obama failed. Miserably. The worst part is that he has never taken responsibility for ANY of it. Not one thing. He blames everyone else. I voted for him in 2008 but cannot vote for him now. He kept very few of his specific promises and the country is decidedly worse off now that it was prior to his election.

If someone is truly an obama supporter based on performance rather than strict loyalty, please try to convince me that my conclusion based on the economic facts is an incorrect one.

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