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hey man, i was in ur situation not long ago and here is what i did:

i had a budget of around 200$ for my first guitar, i picked up a yamaha at my local music shop. (was recommended by a sales associate). until u get really good i dont recommend spending a shit load on ur first guitar.

in general i am a very impatient person and love to learn quickly. i did start learning the guitar on my own listening and playing songs that interested me. however shortly after i went online and found myself an instructor, was about 20$ for the hour and helped out tremendously in my learning curve. u kick out bad habits right of the line and it dramatically increases the speed at which u learn.

in my opinion i would suggest finding which style u would like to play.. i myself, love finger picking and find it turns on the ladies the most hahah. but see which style u love and find an instructor that can help u with it!

good luck!!! it will take about 6months of solid work to get all the notes down and being able to switch flawlessly (or even longer) so dont get turned off!
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