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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm only 226 miles away...

@klepper...I didn't even see you then. I was one of the guys that Rick intro'd in the 2nd green class. Next time, find Dan in the silver E46 with all the stickers on it. Pretty good group of guys and gals and VERY entertaining. Just be prepared for lots of un-PC'ness! I would drag you over but I'm moving in Jan.
I didn't see you in that second class, as I missed most of the second class. After my first track session, my instructor (Zack) took me right back out on the track with the yellow group. He was driving my 1M, and said he wanted to "show me what my car can do". Holy crap! I did meet Dan in a subsequent class that he showed up for.

You also probably didn't see my car sitting right by the exit, as I would have been in the grid as you were coming off the track.