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From an Independent point of view (someone who has voted for both R and D since 1982 here’s my two cents. Didn’t vote for O the first time around:

• I thought it was actually important to have a record of accomplishments to stand behind.
• Fantastic campaign theme, “Hope and Change”. Where has any of that gone? Nobody in the Democratic camp even mentions that anymore.
• Ran against an unappealing and uncharismatic politician. War hero, great American Senator, but couldn’t see him as the POTUS. Nonetheless, voted for him.

Over the past four years:
• Quit blaming everything on Bush! Sure you had a hard task ahead of you, and the campaign rhetoric against Bush is was what you do to get into the office. However, after taking the oath of office get to work and set conditions for prosperity…none of that happened.
• Unemployment continues to rise and we are getting more into debt by diverting OUR tax money to bail out Wall Street. I wholeheartedly believe and embrace free-market capitalism, but crony capitalism and bailout makes me sick. Let GM, Fannie and Freddie fail. As a FORMER GM shareholder I got nothing in the bailout…lost thousands of dollars, but I knew my investment wasn’t guaranteed. However, as a consumer I have choice—I’ll never invest or purchase a GM product.
• Oh, regarding GM, O did take the company into bankruptcy! In fact most likely few would have lost their jobs under if they would have executed a Chapter 11 Federal Bankruptcy—restructuring—unlike Chapter 7, which is total liquidation. Would have been nice to see a “true” Chapter 11 because the few who really needed to lose their jobs would have been the CEO, CFO, and COO who obviously couldn’t lead and forecast GM to profits. O kept these guys in place. As I self-discover, I realize I have more in common with the “Occupy Wall Street” clowns than I thought.
• Don’t blame the R’s in congress. Great Presidents transcend partisan politics and unite us as Americans. O has done nothing to unite us, but continues to develop the schism between the “Haves and Have nots”. He has led many to believe that one person’s gain is another’s loss. What BS! Sure, this isn’t a perfect world, but I want to be inspired by my leaders, not made to believe that success comes at another’s misfortune.
• No Mr. President, I am not my brother’s keeper! I am responsible for my own actions and those of my family’s actions.
• I believe that a woman has the right to all reproductive decisions she is entitled to. But, why the hell does the taxpayer need to foot the bill.
• Absolutely believe we should help the poor and disadvantage, but how much is too much. Over the past four years, more people are on food stamps, poverty has increased, and wealth has shrunk. These are facts…so are O’s policies really working. This links to the GM bankruptcy, why keep the CEO when he couldn’t do the job.

Key points made by POTUS on the trail I dispute:
•“UBL is dead and GM is alive”. What BS! GM is on taxpayer life support and fading fast. We had been on the hunt for UBL nearly ten years, it just happened to occur while you win in the Oval Office. In fact, I’ve heard that POTUS was indecisive and that the SECDEF gave the green light. I tend to believe this. Look at the “famous” picture of the moment ST-6 executes actions on the objective. Does O’s face look like that of a decisive figure…not to me.
• “The stimulus worked and would have worked better if we spent more”. Again, what BS! This is a typical Keynesian approach. Turns out O is the first to take a purely Keynesian approach to recessions by boosting aggregate demand. Well, from what I gather, the economic verdict is that it didn’t work. Neil Barofsky, Special IG for TARP, admits that all the effort to remove of the program have failed…at nearly a Trillion dollars of taxpayer money. Yet, he continues to try failed policies.
• Admittedly, if the economy was in good shape the evidence would be clear and I would probably vote for O. Reality is, American’s vote their pocketbook, it’s largely fact. Look at Presidents past: Reagan took office in 1981 amid the “stagflation” and recession of the late 1970s (most of you younger folks have no idea what that was like) and resided over one of the biggest economic booms in American history—great book about this, The Seven Fat Years, by Robert L. Bartley (1992). Another President to preside over great economic prosperity, Bill Clinton in the mid to late 1990s. Common to both these Presidents, the ability to work with a divided congress and get the job done. That is what O has failed to do for the American people.

Lastly, some of you guys need go beyond the reports provided in regular broadcast news. Quit regurgitating party talking points, read about the issues, understand, and formulate your own opinions. For the OP, hope your taking economics. Don’t be one of those students that take out $80k in student loans, majors in Art History or Liberal Arts, graduates and then can’t find a job. If this happens, you have nobody to blame but yourself and your parents. Sorry for sounding so parental, but it took me four years to convince my only child not to major in graphic design. She graduates in the Spring with a BS degree in Environmental Engineering and has great opportunities…none of this was provided by the government my wife and saved and invested for 18 years to get her ready for the world. It will be a brighter world if O gets out of the way.