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Originally Posted by eNCore View Post
Everyone talks about the M3 being the last NA high revving M and last V8 M3 all the time, but in reality how important is this when the new M3 comes out and/or couple years later? Will the E9X always be the one? Or people are just going to forget about it and jump on the new M3? Seriously, how important is the last NA high revving V8 M3 to you guys?
I would say that the E92 will have a particular following but it won't have a major effect on value.

I have an 88 Mustang 5.0 5 speed. This whole debate came up when Ford switched to modular motors and did away with the pushrod 302. The car began appreciating around 05. So now, instead of kbb value of around $1500 it's worth around $4000 on a good day. Financially the difference is negligible. It's not high end or rare and it will never appreciate the way the old late 60's or early 70's era cars appreciated.

The E30's have a following and they are more rare now but they're not fetching unrealistic dollars. Someday they may. One big warning to thinking of the E92 as a collector item is the gadgetry. Rebuilding a 30 year old E30 wouldn't be anywhere near as expensive as replacing all of the sensors on a 20 year old E92.