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Originally Posted by ihc95 View Post
Driverman said it perfectly. Everyone keeps blaming Obama for not fixing everything in 4 years. Usually less educated people have this view. They fail to realize the extend of the mess he inherited and just how well he handled the situation. Bottom line is we are much better off now than we were in 2008. And if Obama get reelected, we will be much better off in 2016 than we are now.

Reagan inherited a far worse economy than obama. Unemployment was higher, gas was literally being rationed. And in 3.5 years he turned it all around. We have 5 million fewer women working now than when obama took office. Minority unemployment has shot through the roof. He doubled our debt when he said he would cut it in half. Obama had the house and senate controlled for his first 2 years which is a rare advantage. I hate to say it...I really wanted him to succeed. But Obama failed. Miserably.