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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Ha, I haven't had this problem but I could definitely see how easy it would be.

To the OP, as others have said, in a manual you just get used to hearing the engine and judging your speed against the RPMs and that tells you what gear to pick given the situation.

Same is true with DCT - you're usually within 2 gears of where you want but, if not, there's a short cut (more in a sec). Here are some examples:
  • You're freeway crusing at 80 and want to provide some engine braking and/or prepare for a casual pass: 2 clicks from 7 to 5. I do this one all of the time
  • You're on a 50ish MPH road and you want to power through a turn; that's usually one click from 4 to 3, sometimes 2 clicks from 4 to 2
  • You're taking a right sweeper like in a yield RH turn - this is almost always 2nd gear so I'll glance down (to the cluster) to find the # of clicks

Now here's the shortcut - you're on the track (or elsewhere ) and you want the absolute most power:
  • Ideally be in M-mode
  • pull in and hold the left paddle
  • right foot to the floor with the throttle (WOT, ie kick-down switch)
  • Make damn sure you have a lot of room in front of you and you're ready to upshift cause you're going take off like a bat outa hell (release the left paddle when you do)

This will take you from 80 to 130 in what will seem (to me) like zero seconds. Use with caution, look for the nearest petrol station
You don't have to hold down the paddle. Just put the pedal down past the resistance point (floored) and tap the left paddle (or push the selector lever forward) once. It will drop down the the most appropriate gear for acceleration.

On a side note, I never see my shift lights anymore. I used to and it's set to "on" but they never light up in or out of M mode. Is there some other hidden setting where I may have turned them off while experimenting with stuff?