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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
I feel thats just an incremental improvement, especially when you are spending more than $30k. I'm not going to get into magazine racing with you...a few M3s have run almost 115mph stock.

If you can sling a 991S around Nurburgring at a 7:40 my hats off to you...don't think you can and therefore as I said..a moot point. I'm not debating the capabilities of the 991S, maybe you didn't read my post.. I would rather have one...just not at the price point it is being offered. Unless my financial means take a real good change for the positive. Would love to have one. I just don't see it in the cards right away.

As far as the GT3 being a big step up...well of course now we are talking a car that is close to $40-50k more than a new E92 M3 with PCCbs and the like.

My favorite car is a GT3, just wish it had back seats .

So let me clarify...I LOVE THE 991S, just don't feel its worth the money.

GT3 doesnt come with PCCBs stock, FYI. My analogy was that you agree the GT3 is a big step up, but the 991S performs nearly identically for less money than a GT3, so argueing the 991S isnt a huge step up, which it is, doesnt make sense to me.

Magazine racing aside, Ive been at the drap strip around here, and Atco and Englishtown are two of the fastest tracks in the country and Ive never seen a real world M3 stock trap more than 110 mph or so. Ive actually seen 991S' trapping 117 stock. That IS a huge jump in performance (7 mph in trap speed) just on the straight line front not to mention what happens when looking at track times. Even a FBO M3 with DCT will only trap about 116-117 and be in line with a stock 991S. You cant say that isnt very significant.
I never claimed I could personally run a 991S at 7:40, but you couldnt drive an m3 to an 8:05 either. I do know I would still be much faster in a 991S than an M3 or m3 GTS for that matter.
Granted the price is not cheap, but well worth it for the huge performance, the quality that is unmatched (except for maybe 2 or 3 other car makers out there) and a car that is as highly regarded as it is. The fact that this car has GT3 performance for less $$ is damn good. The 30K difference is more than justified when all things are considered IMO...just ask those who have switch from the M3 to the 991S and confirm this in spades not only on the price justification but in performance. 20 mph on the same corners in the 991S over an M3 is beyond huge.
In order to get the performance of this car, other than buying a gtr, z06 or GT500, youre not going to get this type of performance in the 991S for less money (new vs new) and none of those will give you the same experience or quality.
I dont doubt you love the car, but you are probably the only person I know who would say the performance increase is incremental rather than the massive step up it is. Again, the next gen M3 will be lucky if it can match the 991S (in a straight, wont touch track times) when it comes out in 2 years. If its not worth whatever it comes to in price per you spec, no prob, but that doesnt deny the performance difference being quite significant.