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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
The difference between soft and firm on EDC is, by my approximation, perhaps a 10-15% difference. Two clicks (+) on the JRZ feels to be about the same, perhaps a bit more stiffness. In terms of what I feel on the street some of this is due to the heavier springs. Yes, it's still reasonable and "street friendly" but to me it's at 6 clicks already stiffer than stock (the combination of heavier springs and shocks at 6 clicks).
A big issue is defining someone's "tolerance" to any suspension setup, especially an aftermarket, dual-purpose setup with stiffer than stock spring rates. There are a lot of people that think the stock suspension is too stiff and harsh...

Personally, I didn't like non-ZCP and ZCP EDC on the Comfort setting because the car felt underdamped/uncontrolled (i.e, bouncy). Also, I felt there was a much more significant change in damping between Comfort and Sport settings (I did like the adaptable damping ability on ZCP Sport vs non-ZCP Sport). Again, it comes down to "tolerance" - neither of us is right or wrong

I agree with STALKER's post - the RS1 damper does an excellent job at controlling roll and transitions without feeling "nervous" over bumps. I think with more time on the street, and track, you'll get used to the higher spring rates as well as the different damping characteristics/adjustability of the RS1