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Originally Posted by urBan_dK View Post
Updated original post. Still have the vibration with brand new tires in front. Wheels are road force balanced, and measured within tolerance by two shops.
If the front wheels have been balanced and you still have this problem, try swopping the front wheels out with another set. Ask the dealer if they will put another set of wheels from another BMW on and test drive it or your front wheels on another car and test drive. My local BMW dealer did that one Saturday but their technition offered to not charge me and re-balance all my wheels and we did exactly that. Worth asking.

If the problem is the same with different wheels on your car or you test drive another BMW with your wheels and there is no vibe, then that's one possability checked off. Now you can consentrate on something else.

By the way, I posted earlier on this post about my problem and it seems to be just pad buildup on my rotors. Did several hard braking run-in events and the vibration is gone. What brakes are you running? I have a vibration at about 80mph just cruising and started about 1 month ago and now its gone.