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I'm not surprised at your experience with Audi service. A friend of mine told me the same thing. I'm waiting on a test drive when my local dealer gets one in Dec and take it from there.
When it comes to BMW service some dealers are clueless. So make sure you look your issue on the forum before taking your car to service. The guys here on the forum are GREAT
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Having literally traded in an A5 a week ago for my M3 - yes, you are creazy ;-) Granted, the RS5 is a vastly different beast than my A5. The service/dealer situation was pretty awful. BMW dealers always seemed to jump to solve any warranty issue, and I would have to twist the arm of Audi service the two warranty issues I had. I could never shake the idea that I had, essentially, a dressed up VW.

Audi is still #2 in my mind for this type of car, but there's some distance between #1 and #2...

It's a *gorgeous* car though. Just angry enough above and beyond the already pretty A5/S5 design.