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I feel that the M3 is the king of daily useability and sports car feeling.

I think the highest on the exotic scale I would ever get would be a Porsche (GT3/Turbo) or an R8. I can get both of those cars serviced in town and not have to drive 150 miles. Out of all the exotic cars in play my To-Own list includes an M3 (e9x) and Porsche GT3 or Turbo (997.1). The Audi R8 would be the super exotic for me, but not sure if that will ever be feasible.

Lucky for me, I got to drive around in an Aventador over the summer. That car was absolutely amazing in sound, speed, and the, suprisingly, raw feeling. However, there is no way in hell I could live with it daily. The owner of the car said it was "just a car," so I'm guessing he has more money than I could envision.