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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
Short-term update- Playing with the clicks
I've had the JRZ system for about a month now. No issues to date. I've recently been playing with the shock adjustment, but I'm still on the street. Most of my driving is in town, some limited freeway (less than 20 miles) a couple times per week.

So, no surprise when you turn up the adjustment, the shock gets stiffer. However, what's interesting is that at low speeds, i.e. 30 mph or less the car just feels stiffer everywhere. At speeds above 40 mph particularly on bigger bumps where you think, "I need to brace myself, I'm going to feel this in my teeth," the car just absorbs the impact like it's suddenly on a lower setting and just keeps moving along.

My findings so far - 4 clicks from full-soft- ride is like EDC set on "comfort," i.e. soft
6 clicks from soft, suspension is notably stiffer particularly at low speeds, but as noted above at higher speeds seems to be more compliant. Would rate this as slightly stiffer than EDC set on sport/stiff.

The other thing I just need to experience a bit more is I think the compliance over bumps varies depending on if it's something sticking up above the road surface as opposed to below, like a pothole. I need to go over a few more really good bumps but I'll just say it now and see if I can confirm later, but on the 6 click setting at 40mph and up, the compliance, i.e. the ability to absorb an irregularity is better for potholes or depressions as opposed to things sticking above the road surface.

Will experiment with stiffer and stiffer settings every week or so until I can't stand it just to see what it's like.
If you go back and read my reviews of the RS1 out on track, you will find I had a similar impression. At the Glen and at Mosport they do a fantastic job of controlling roll, while being able to fully absorb all the bumps, and never feeling nervous or just "stiff".

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