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Fun at Sebring | video

Just wanted to share a video from last weekend at Sebring. Around 4 minutes there's some good video of some GT3's and a retired Grand Am M3. This is the first time at Sebring for me with squared NT01 tires and Ground Control sleeve kit.

This car is so fun to drive! I did get to really experiment with all EDC settings on track. You can really feel the differences even with the GC kit...especially at bumpy Sebring. I also showed my student all the differences in the DSC and MDM mode. This is the first time I ran with it on. He didn't want to run ASC off on his car so I showed him what it was doing to his learning. I could purposely not correct oversteer and floor the throttle and wait for the car to decide its safe to add power and completely get my yaw in order. It was a powerful lesson to show how little I had to do vs normal driving for me without aids.

Ill review the video of the experimenting session to see if anything can be sensed on video.

Here's a session just normal driving.