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I'm surprised you find the ride with 425/700 rates set at 4 "clicks" from soft to be similar to EDC on Comfort, and 6 "clicks" similar to Sport. On my M3 I'm running RS1's with 500/800 rates with 10 "clicks" F and 8 "clicks" R yet I find the ride to be very street friendly. On my wife's car we're running 400/672 rates with 8 "clicks" F and 7 "clicks" R and we both find it to be extremely street friendly - both in rebound and compression. Personally, I find the RS1's to have a huge range of adjustment and to be a great dual-purpose damper (much better than the Ohlins DFV dampers I'm running on my Mini). However, the problem with suspension setups is everyone has a different tolerance!

I wonder if adjusting the internal reservoir N2 pressures would improve your ride characteristics?
The difference between soft and firm on EDC is, by my approximation, perhaps a 10-15% difference. Two clicks (+) on the JRZ feels to be about the same, perhaps a bit more stiffness. In terms of what I feel on the street some of this is due to the heavier springs. Yes, it's still reasonable and "street friendly" but to me it's at 6 clicks already stiffer than stock (the combination of heavier springs and shocks at 6 clicks).