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Originally Posted by ///Armin View Post
This is actually a problem that I have noticed since the purchase of DCT. When it's in D, even in D5 it quickly upshifts in normal driving when you are cruising at 30 or 40. This is very annoying since the car feels very underpowered and each time you want a little power you really have to step on the gas to force a downshift.
I would ask you - Do you know what "Power" setting you have set up on your M Drive when you are driving? Is it Normal, Sport or Sport Plus?
The "Power" setting you put in your M drive screen is going to establish 2 things: 1) how far your foot has to travel on the accelerator to get engine RPMs up and 2) Where the shift points are going to be. "Sports Plus" selection makes it a race car because you, in effect, are telling the computer "I want to haul butt!"
If your D1 selection performs the same as your D5 selection then if I were you, I would go into the M Drive screen and make sure what power settings you have set up. It's possible you have selected "Normal" power for both D1 and D5. In which case the car will seem under powered because with "Normal" power" selected, your telling the computer "I,m in snow and I don't want my wheels to turn real fast right away."