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In terms of everyday usability the M3 is one of the kings of this department.

However, if I were in the market for something exotic, rare and wonderful to drive I would not jump to the conclusion that I need to spend 200k+ on a 458 or Gallardo in order to satisfy my fixations. Personally, I think a manual F430, GT3, Ford GT, DBS, R8 6 speed etc. etc. would put a much bigger smile on my face on those back roads. Not only can you save $100,000, this "weekend" car that's arguably more involving to boot has already taken the majority of the hit on it's re-sale value.
My friends who own exotics trade them around and make money. Sometimes not, but the hard part is just getting in the first one. The problem with the 458 is it's still new, and your essentially paying to have what's on the magazine covers when the reality is there are much more attainable and more satisfying Ferrari's to drive for less (and this can be quite subjective as the 458 is very good).
Anyhow, I actually know an owner who sold a 458 on the grounds that he couldn't use it.. Would it be worth it for me if I had the cash? I'd probably look into a rental property and an F355 instead.

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