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HELP! Annoying Knocking Noise on my M3!

So this ticking/knocking noise has been bothering me for the past year or so, I've taken the car to the stealer ship multiple times and they've been telling me "it's normal" which I think is total BS. The last time I was at the dealership the SA told me that their service tech has a M3 as well and that this is due to me putting "power" and "edc" modes on.

Ive been driving with Power Off, EDC off (comfort) and S3, haven't been pushing the car, and this knocking noise is driving me totally nuts. I'm sure it's not normal. Have any of you guys experience such noise? this noise only happens when coming to a complete stop, no sound when driving (atleast I don't hear it).

I already spoken to BMWNA and they sent a service request to my local dealership requesting a engineer look into this.

I have no suspension mods at all, the car is basically a Stock ZCP E90 M3, with 20k miles.

You can hear the noise in the video below... at the 0:15second and 0:48second

any help would be much appreciated!