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Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post
Hi guys, thank you for indulging me if you will, and please forgive me if this topic has already been covered and/or beaten to death.

I'm hoping to join the "M club" very soon by submitting my order on a 2013 E92, and trying to finalize my color decisions. I would really appreciate the insight of you guys out there who have your M in Le Mans Blue.

At first, I was convinced I wanted mine in white--preferably MW. But, I haven't been able to shake this attraction I have for blue. In all the pics I have seen here on the forums, LMB just looks absolutely stunning. I want to own my M3 for a long time, so I'm worried about getting it in a color that I don't enjoy, on down the line.

Some questions I have for those of you who own LMB are:

< snipped >

Once again, thank you for your help, and stay safe out there!

- Do you have any regrets whatsoever, with your color choice? If so, what do you wish you'd done differently?
A: Absolutely not. I had been interested in Melbourne Red Metallic, but it's a schizophrenic color that changes hue depending on the light source. The LMB color is the same color regardless of morning, evening, shade, etc. The LBM is gorgeous. Some people do not like the chrome trim "bright" but I think it looks good on the LBM. If I had chosen a white color, or red, I'd have done the black trim or a vinyl overlay to make it black.

- With the LMB exterior, what was your interior color(s) choice, and how do you feel about your decision now, if awhile down the line in your ownership?
A: Interior selected was Bamboo Beige Novillo. It works well against scuffs, and because it's a convertible, it's a lighter color that doesn't suck up as much sun radiation (heat).

- Is the LMB easy to care for? I've seen posts that indicate that it shows up swirls fairly easily. Does it compare favorably to caring for, say, black (if you have that experience)? What about white?
A: As far as I know (other than at the VDC) it has only had hand-washing, and zero automatic brushes, etc. I've had it hand-washed 37 times and they use a microfibre cloth to dry it. You just have to be sure that they are not wiping the cloth on it when the paint surface is completely dry or the cloth not a little damp. I can't detect any scratches or swirls. I personally hand-waxed it once, and it's still awesome.
However: the car sits lower to the ground than other vehicles I've had, and it is a magnet for road pebbles and debris and my only regret is that I did not get a lower front and front-of-hood clear bra installed. But I think that's a good idea regardless of paint color.

- What do others think of your color choice? Do you get compliments, etc.? (Shallow, I know, but hey, it matters to me--at least a little... )
A: I was at a grocery store yesterday, backing up with the top down, and a woman in her 50's had just parked her car, and she walked over to my driver's side and said: "That's a really beautiful car." That made my whole day.

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