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Kudos to Kimi. Glad to see him on the top step again. Loved his radio chatter. "STFU, I know what I'm doing."

Vettel will eclipse Schumi's records. He's just that good. Alonso must *hate* this track with Vettel pulling the rabbit out of his hat AGAIN.

That said, SV needs a little training before being considered a class act. No excuse for that language in a public address setting or for dumping the faux champagne on Coulthard. He could take some lessons from Schumi.

If I remember correctly, Ferrari got fined after that screwed up race in Indy when Schumi hauled Rubens up to the top step of the podium because it was clear Rubens should have won that race. The reason for the fine was that he damaged the integrity of the podium ceremony or some such nonsense. I wonder if Vettel will get fined using the same Bernie-esque logic.

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