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Originally Posted by WingZeroX5 View Post
that is the most bullshit episode on gas i've ever seen. the guy who's driving a vette is an "EXPERT WITNESS" and he's telling everyone to just use regular? Is he joking?

I laughed when the the attendant says "87% 89% 91% clean" ahahah

When they're doing the emissions test with the tree hugger, regular gas has 6PPM of hydrocarbons, premium gas is at 6.1PPM, at time 14:21
He was talking about regular cars not performance cars I think ... he uses regular gas in his vette ... it is his car and he can do as he wishes.

My first M3 was a e46 2002 I used regular gas and every 4th fill up I used premium and i worked fine for me ... I am still in touch with the fellow that purchased this M3 it now has over 100,000 Miles on it and still runs like a charm. This car never had any engine problems the only repairs were replacement of both rear springs.

I think the entire program was made to educate the public that drive none performance cars to not believe the bullshit they are told like a) better performance, b) cleaner engine and c) better gas milage like in one of the test ... where one Gas Station Attendant said "for this car use regular gas" the next one said "use the middle grade tour engine stays cleaner" and finally the third one said "the premium gas you get better gas milage"

All grades by law must contain cleaning solutions to maintain emission standards in North America ... Bottom line everyone should do what he/she feels is right and by all means follow the OEM's instructions as can be found on the label inside the filler access cover or in the owners manual.
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