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Originally Posted by raisemyrent
I'm not sold on Vettel. Certainly not a hater, but fairly clumsy through the pack; he just has such a fast car, he came right back. I don't hate because credit where credit is due; just look at how freaking fast Red Bull is... 3rd after having been to the back twice. I like variation and, yes, it's boring when the same guy always wins, but we have to give it to these guys; they're just super fast.
I was reminded of how races used to be more unpredictable (unreliable Ferrari engines, etc.) in the late 90s and early 2000s.
F1 needed a character like Kimi back; I was laughing hard with his radio talk. A well deserved win for him and for the team.
Shame on Schumacher's puncture; the longest point-less streak of his career continues.
Alonso better keep praying, because this one is looking tight, at best.
It's okay. Nothing Vettel would have done would have changed your mind. Domenicali was asked about SV's race, and he just said the same thing and talked about safety cars etc etc. Inside, he know's what's what and was crapping himself the entire race. He'd be applauding FA's abilities to the millionth degree if it were his driver's performance from pitlane-to-podium.

I hope next week Hamilton and Alonso go on the record and talk sh*t about Vettel's driving again (specifically LH's comment about how he misses 4 apexes per lap - LOL). It seemed to put a bee in SV's bonnet. Karma's a bitch.

And while all the nay-sayers are still mulling over the fact that they're not 'sold' on SV's ability, he'll be sipping cocktails on the golf course with his 3rd WDC under his belt (in a row).