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Originally Posted by ERinEC View Post
Looks good, I am shopping for something similar. How come you were hesitant to go with a square setup?
I was hesitant with the square setup just for the reason that the rears wouldn't be flush with the fenders, but like everyone has said spacers will easily take care of that.

Originally Posted by DBH View Post
I like the black/white contrast. You might find that wheel spacers on the rears will make the tire/wheel a bit more flush with the fenders. My setup uses 18x8 with et20 and 15mm spacers on the rear really help with appearance. Square setup actually works really well. It helps eliminate a little of the cars understeer.
Yea I definitely think that some spacers on the rears would make a very noticeable difference. Something to look forward to for next winter.

I haven't had much time to drive on this setup, but I'm interested to see how differently it handles then the summer 19's. I'm sure the winter tires will sacrifice quite a bit of grip, but hopefully I can get an idea of what the square setup has to offer.