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I think an early M3 will be a depreciation disaster. It wouldn't stop me buying one though.

With the DCT expected to be launched next March/April the value of the early ones will drop. Also, there simply isn't the long waiting lists that there were for the E46, so why would residuals remain robust?
I don't know, probably it will be true in Usa. But here in Italy it will be the opposite. The market and the request is bigger than the offer. So..not many M3 around? good for a secon one not so old...Good cash money. I am sure. Expecially if bugs free (like I hope , but probably it will happen for the new dtc)...My old one was sold after two months from new. For engine problems .I lost 4000 euro and not like usual all the VAT (20% here)...And it was a common car, not a rare one like it will be the new M3 for a long period.It was also manual..Simply sold after a week...

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