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I'm not sold on Vettel. Certainly not a hater, but fairly clumsy through the pack; he just has such a fast car, he came right back. I don't hate because credit where credit is due; just look at how freaking fast Red Bull is... 3rd after having been to the back twice. I like variation and, yes, it's boring when the same guy always wins, but we have to give it to these guys; they're just super fast.
I was reminded of how races used to be more unpredictable (unreliable Ferrari engines, etc.) in the late 90s and early 2000s.
F1 needed a character like Kimi back; I was laughing hard with his radio talk. A well deserved win for him and for the team.
Shame on Schumacher's puncture; the longest point-less streak of his career continues.
Alonso better keep praying, because this one is looking tight, at best.
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