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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
DCT has imbedded protection that will not allow a downshift that would cause an overrev. So no money shift with a DCT. No need to worry .

Further, as you get used to DCT, you will start remembering what gear you are in or develop the reflex to quickly glance at the cluster. I also struggled a bit at first where I felt disconnected with the transmission. No more issues, it feels natural.
+1. Just as with a manual transmission, over time you'll learn what the engine sounds like at various rpms, and based on your road speed, you'll know what gear you're in without looking down at the indicator in the instrument display. Plus, as you leave a stoplight and go up through a couple of gears, you'll remain aware of where you are even a few minutes later. Brain farts do happen from time to time, and you'll downshift instead of upshift, or go down into first by mistake, but as CanAutM3 points out, the car protects itself from overrevs and will prevent you from downshifting if it would result in too high of an engine speed. The worst that happens is that you go down into first, the engine revs to 6000-7000, engine braking makes you jerk like someone threw an anchor out, and you look around at your fellow drivers, thinking "I meant to do that."

More of a concern is putting on the wiper wash or flashing your high beams when you meant to hit the shift paddles instead. I can tease because I've done it before.

And in case people tease you for having an "automatic" M3, just reassure them that, all else being equal, it's faster on the track than a traditional manual. I also drove manual transmission cars all my life until this car and the E60 M5 SMG I had before it. Over 3 years and 24,000 miles in the M5, and so far almost 2 years and 21,000 miles in the M3, I've never driven in D mode. Manual control all the way!
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