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Originally Posted by bholloway View Post
Anyone who would rather have an M3 than a 911 is an uneducated fool and thats a fact. The 911 is one of the best if not the best sportscar ever build. The M3 is a heavy, modified 3 series designed for middle aged business men to haul their kids and fat wife around in. If you think the M3 is better than you're a poor ass peasant and probably a shitty driver. Man up and get a Porsche... You're welcome M3 forums.
I'm not a businessman, and my wife's not fat. I think you've got the BMW M3 confused with the Porsche Cayenne... The 911 isn't even the best sportscar Porsche ever built. Carrera GT, 917, 959... You're welcome bholloway.

Have I just been trolled?

Am I on candid camera?