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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
For the upcoming event when we go from a rolling start, at between 40-50 mph in 2nd gear, I have no wheel spin to worry about anymore. The car just takes off.

When I go from a dead stop, I have another setting altogether and yes DSC is off for that.
No seriously the DSC can intervene in the 2nd to 3rd shift. Depends on the surface, conditions etc, it can intervene the car will hold back during & slightly after the shift. Switching it off is the best bet.

Also if you rolling, try to roll from at least 50 in 2nd. If the speed drops below 40 during the start YOU HAVE TO USE 1st GEAR! Especially if you running big boosting turbo cars. If you roll in 2nd the race will be over before it starts. They will leave you gasping for air in 2nd gear. It's always better to be in 1st even if you almost bouncing the limiter.

BTW, great numbers! Can't wait to see you guys run.