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Originally Posted by WingZeroX5 View Post
that is the most bullshit episode on gas i've ever seen. the guy who's driving a vette is an "EXPERT WITNESS" and he's telling everyone to just use regular? Is he joking?

I laughed when the the attendant says "87% 89% 91% clean" ahahah

When they're doing the emissions test with the tree hugger, regular gas has 6PPM of hydrocarbons, premium gas is at 6.1PPM, at time 14:21
I couldn't believe how amazingly stupid the dyno test was. Put it in cruise control at 70MPH and they were expecting one gas to change the amount of power needed to maintain that speed? The gas doesn't change rolling resistance! Amazingly stupid video.

The one truth is that cars that require only regular gas don't benefit from higher octane, but they used the most ridiculous logic to prove it.

Also, I don't know ANYONE with a car that calls for 87 that puts anything but in their car. Where do these people come from? Lastly, every gas station I've ever paid at the counter usually says "regular?" presumably before I correct them with 93.
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