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Great thread, thanks or all the updates.
I managed to find an E90 6mt no sunroof and plan to run it at a few local auto crosses in 2013. I think I'll start with scca stock class for now.

The Nov'12 FastTrack notes the SEB recommendation to move rom AS to FS, but says "Unless noted otherwise the effective date for all rule, class, and listing change proposals herein is 1/1/2014". Does that mean the e90 m3 is in AS for 2013?

Rich or anyone who test fit: can you confirm that the A6 295/30/18 front and 315/30/18 rear fit on stock 18s?

Catchm3: if you don't mind, what size tires are you running, 275/35/18 f&r? Front camber?

Ian 2009 e90 MT