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Drag strip fun

I had some fun at the drag strip today in northeast PA, along with me was my buddy with his c63 amg with oe tune. It was 45 degrees humidity was around 57% humidity..

I started off the day strong with a 12.335 @ 113.50 mph for my first run, and my buddy with the amg ran a couple times and then ran a time of 12.28 @ 115. At this point it was grudge time lol, I ran 2 more times with no luck but was only doing small burnouts in the box.. While i was chasing his 12.28 he ran a 12.234.. Needless to say i was not happy about this .

On the last run of the day we line up togeather and I didnt hold back in the box with a nice tire warming burnout, followed by a beautiful launch and ended up running a 12.209 @113.62 mph.. So not only did i defeat the great amg but i was the last day the strip was open for us untill next spring so I get to rub it in his face untill spring.. It felt so good to pull that off me and my buddy have been in friendly competition for years so it's alot of fun to have the crown back.. At least till spring hopefully i will be ess supercharged by then.. I think if it would have been a bit warmer i think i could have pulled a better 60 foot time and hit 12.0-12.1 maybe even high 11's, but im more then happy with the day..
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