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Originally Posted by Stainless 45 View Post
How's the fitment? And of course the million-dollar question... do they throw a CEL?
fitment is great, simply bolts on with any aftermarket exhausts or with oem exhaust with modifications needed, and do not throw cell because i ordered the extenders to bypass the O2 sensors, so you are getting the extenders with these xpipes.

CEL never came on once during the whole time when i had it on the car. Great setup if your car is not supercharged and want the extra power gain and smoother acceleration throughout the whole powerband. Nevertheless the sound with this setup.

Originally Posted by Alexnyc View Post
I've seen them while the car was on the lift. Everything looked perfect. I would take these but my car found has been maxed out this season. Bump for a great seller and great set up. They sound amazing.
Thanks bro, way too many projects going on with your car lately, and i know you will take these off my hands if you didnt have the same xpipes already and i cant just let the HFC go otherwise it is going be very hard for me to sell just the xpipes.