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All of the supercharger kits out there will not likely have any problems from a hardware stand point. There isn't a lot to go wrong if engineered to a decent level.
The cast aluminium plenums or CNC plenums like we use are highly unlikely to have an issue.
All of the brackets used are ultra stiff.
The blowers are all reliable.

The tuning can be the major variable of course but anyone using high ignition targets and expecting the knock detection to take care of things will have issues sooner or later.

You have to appreciate that there are cases of STOCK engines that have gone wrong. Bearings failed or conrods broken in half. Rare... but it has happened.

Overall very few supercharged engines have blown but then no one is running ridiculous amount of boost. The majority of SC kits sold are around the 5.5-7.5 PSi range and this is showing to be absolutely fine.

The tuning is probably the biggest variable from one kit to another and it's usually al related to containing cylinder pressure below a certain threshold.