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Originally Posted by Solonng View Post
Congrats, the car looks great. I have a Cayman S myself and like you, i'd went over the Porsche. BMW cost way too much with maintenance and their bullshit once a year nonsense. I had both the 335i and an M3 and neither cars are cheap to maintain. Cayman arent expensive if you know how to take care of them. Just change the oil more often and be sure to have a good dye guy as your friend since all the painted part inside the Porsche can easily be scratched. Also, whatever you do, don't drive the car hard before it warms up otherwise you'll be asking for trouble. Rev it high is better than under rev and my Cayman gets happy around 3500 rpm to 4000 rpm shift.
Thanks for the advice. I figured the oil would need to be changed more often than the Porsche intervals. Also try not to drive hard before it's warm. The earlier part of my morning commute is the easy part anyway. I have also found that it certainly loves to scream up top, very different from the N54 low end grunt so that and the very, very precise clutch are the only things I'm still adapting to. It's soooo much fun!!! The handling is literally OMG, makes the e92 feel like a boat.

Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
Now, I in no way mean anyone here specifically, I only read a couple of replies. But people are so hesitant to have something like a Cayman for an only car. I don't get it. Need backseats? Fine. Then you wouldn't be comparing these two cars in the first place. You would be AMAZED at how much boxsters/caymans can hold. Probably close enough the huge new 3 series to surprise you. It has 2 trunks, and caymans are hatches. One is a girls car, the other is a sports car. The Porsches quality will not be matched by a 328 either, although it is newer and might be more technically up to date. That's the trade-off for getting a pure sports car for the same price as an entry level BMW sedan. If you are in the position, GET THE PORSCHE!!!!!! You will feel a knot in your chest of pure joy that you don't get in even an M3.......Wow, silly me. Just saw that you got it!!! Congrats my man! I am jealous..
yes I did!!!! I can already tell the car is far more solid than the bmw. and yea, the storage space for the small car it is is insane. Tech-wise, yes it's a dinosaur but I'll just have to live with that. Once I get the Kuda mount for my iphone and can stream satellite radio via the aux all will be good. Any tech loss is surely offset by the pure pureness of this car. yes that sounds stupid but it's true!! It has a visceral feeling and guttural sounds I haven't felt since my heavily modded NA 02 mustang gt.
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