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Originally Posted by mswaz View Post
Not likley I will keep this thing for ever so resale matters to me.
If you only intend to keep the car for, say, 5 years or so, and, if the price of the car at that point is, as you say, important to you, then you need to look at another color- like white (or black) and get the dct.
Picture 2 m3's on a dealers lot 5 years from now, both identically equiped and in the same condition. One is white the other is a Limerock and ask yourself which is likely to be sold first? That's the one that will be worth more - and it is very likely going to be the white one. Why? Because there is a broader range of customers who like white (think women) and the Limerock title will not mean much at that point. How much more is the white one worth? That's going to depend on how long the dealer (or you) are willing to wait for a customer for the orange color.
Liquidity in a car is important to a dealer because turnover is $$$$ and color has a lot to do with that. If it's important to a dealer, then it's relevant to your question. If, for example, you are going to trade it in, the first thing out of the mouth of the CA is "I can't give you a lot for that car because orange is a hard sell."
If it's going to be important for you to sell your car quickly, then you best choose a quick sell color. To learn more about which colors are best sellers, go to and select all 2013 M3s and look at the color distribution.