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Reliability of a SC'd M3 DCT

Hi there.

At the moment I'm owning an Alpina B5S (4.4 liter supercharged from factory, 530HP/725NM).

I feel it's time for a change, but I'm afraid that I will loose the reliabilty on the SC'd M3 compared to this B5S monster.

I've held the Alpina for 10 minutes full throttle going 330-340 km/h (205-212 mph) with no problems at all (only oil heated)

I was thinking of trading my car for an 2009 M3 DCT and then put a X-pipe and ESS VT2-600/625 kit on it.

How reliable is the kit or the kits available out there, I sure know that stock is more reliable but the power is crap of the stock M3. That SC turns it into a true beast.

Anyone out there who has run his M3 with a supercharger for many km/miles ?