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Originally Posted by nemith View Post
Also can anyone tell me why the majority of you assume that BMW owners are backers of Romney? I am not seeing the relation except that we tend to make a couple more bucks.
Amini is clueless...
Telling me about the world recognition from his little apartment while I spend 60% of my time in the places he's never heard of, and have seen a strong change since Obama has taken the office.

Ford, GM, others are producing STRONG profits while wre dead 5 years ago.

I clearly said a MAJOR attack, and one Embassy in a totally anarchistic country is the "major" thing now. During Bush era, we were losein DAILY on average more people than under Obama in 4 years!

I am not saying Obama has fixed things, no. And how could he when he has a Congress that just wants to do everything opposite from him. On the other hand, he has started doing many things positive direction, while the guy before him has NOT done a single thing in positive direction. As someone has already said -- do you blame the person who set the fire to your house or the firefighter for not being able to put it out???

Job creation. Did not exist during Bush, especially during the 2006-09 period during and after Bush. 2009-12, it is positive and that is all that matters in the recovery process.

Homes are selling, new homes building.

FEMA today and FEMA during Katrina...don't even go there...

YES, Bush brought us to the brink of another Great Depression, Obama averted it the last minute.

Some people are just ridiculously biased.