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I love sex... and after 18 years with my wife, we still do it whenever i want which only amounts to 2 or 3 times a week. In the beginning we just were poor and had lots of sex because we couldn't afford to do anything.

Then we went through the fertility issue and was forced to have sex like 20+ times a month and that lasted 5 years!!! I actually did NOT want sex at that time. Too much of a good thing.

You can have filet everyday and after a while, it's just a piece of meat. Sex for us isn't passionate like it used to be. We have 3 kids. Most of the time, it's her doing her job and me getting the release. Once in a while, it's hot.

So, since I get it whenever I want, I'd rather have money. Gives me more euphoria. I'd rather go golfing at a nice golf course with some buddies and kick some ass. I'd rather have a track day. Hell, I'd rather have a nice bbq and some good drink in my backyard.

Oh, our sex now has become so efficient (I'm not bragging here, you just know the spot) she gets it and I finish off in all of 5 minutes usually. Our best sex is the real quickies that last 2 minutes - usually happens if we haven't had it in a little more time like 3-4 days.