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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
Bin Laden, One war ended, Saved car industry, Economy not great but FAAAARRR from the brink of bankruptcy. Medical care access for everyone (optional), World recognition back, NO attack on US soil or major attack outside, Job creation movin positive way (far from being fixed, but far from where it was in 2006... Wasteful spending cut, and investment focus on Education and new sources of energy (feeling of less dependency on oil and moving that way), So much more...

What did W do in 8 years for you and me (middle class)?
Bin Laden? Okey first of all, all you democrat pansies were begging to pull out of the mid east and as soon as...obama?...kills Bin Laden he's a hero? I'm sorry I didn't see him get off his skinny ass to kill him.

HAHAHA the car favorite. He didn't save shit, what he did was take an ass load of tax payers money and threw it at GM and made it look like he fixed it. Look at it this way..say GM is a spoiled wife who loves to spend tons of money and when that wife runs out of money she's dying or whatever you want to imagine, now the husband (Obama) is going to go his friends (YOU GUYS!) and borrow a shit ton of money to throw it at the wife til she runs out again. So he didn't fix anything..he patched it up..stuck some gun under a sinking boat.

Economy is worse then Bush era..evident and don't say he took over a sinking boat, he had 4 years to at least improve it a little but no he'd rather waste money and make it worse.

World recognition? of what? Yea everyone realizes (especially the arab world) how weak obama is. trust me i speak from first hand.

Really? NO attack of US soil? Where were you when they attacked our embassys? And obama didn't make the call to fire back? or when he APOLOGIZED to the attackers saying it was a "demonstration" about the 2016 movie..what a load of shit, it was on 9.11 and he says sorry? Even if he really does believe it was because of the 2016 movie he's really going to apologize for freedom of speech? Pathetic.

Job thats where he's got the wrong idea. There's a HUGE difference between government jobs and the average mans job. Government jobs do not help the economy expand, it results in higher taxes because thats how gov. workers get paid and in the end less consumer spending because of high taxes for paying for the gov. workers. And if you bothered opening your eyes and listening to Romney's plan, its logical. Not going in detail but you should look it up somewhere outside of CNN or the popular media.

Wasteful spending cut? Ever heard of Solyndra? How he wasted billions in a bullshit company that was just there to repay him? Enough said on that.

An investment on education.. or teacher's union? Swear bro are you pulling these 'examples' out your ass?

And about the middle class..obamas plan is going to backfire onto the middle class as much as you don't want to believe it but if he gets elected IT WILL backfire onto the middle class. Actually a great example is obamacare..everyone thinks that the rich is going to pay the taxes on everything well sorry to tell you even though they have money to spend..less then 5% of the US are rich and that certainly isn't enough to support the entire population and who is that going to fall back on? oh, the middle class right. Any scenario you have, the middle class is going to be screwed because of this guy.

Now Romney he's going to give business owners a better opportunity to expand, not tax them less which is a common misconception, but not tax them more which Obama wants to do. What we need are more jobs and business owners are 99% likely going to start cutting back if they get taxed more. In addition the government should be a bit smaller and not so in the face of businesses like it is now. The economy fixes itself without the government which is something our sad to say president doesn't understand.

Even if you disagree with Romney why would you even consider Obama? have you not seen enough out of him already? The man's a liar