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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
991 is VERY planted.

I dont see how you call it an incremental increase in performance though.

Ring - M3 8:05, 991S 7:40. The next M3 wont even come close to 7:40.

Trap speed - 991S is 118-119 mph vs 111-112 mph in the M3. 6-8 mph in trap speed is a completely different ballgame. Not even a FBO M3 with DCT will trap that and I doubt the next M3 when it comes in 2 years will be even trapping those speeds...maybe within 2-3 mph though.

ETs - same story...huge difference there.

And generally looking at lap times, the 991S put up times most 500-600 hp cars put down. M3 doesnt come close on any lap time whatsoever on any track.

And from any speed, any gear, any MPH, the 991S will pull away like a freight train.

The performance increase is significant. If you truly think that is only incremental then you'd have to agree that the performance increase from e46 m3 to e92 m3 was only incremental at best since the jump from our M3s to a 991S is bigger than e46 m3 to e92 m3...and we all know that is certainly not the case. And its not the case with the 991S either by any stretch.

Or we could say it this way. A 997 GT3 we can all agree is a BIG step up over our M3s, the 991S performs at nearly the same level on all aspects (yet is less in price than a new GT3 was) were even the one to say the 991S on fifth gear paced with the 997.2 GT3 tires considered.
I feel thats just an incremental improvement, especially when you are spending more than $30k. I'm not going to get into magazine racing with you...a few M3s have run almost 115mph stock.

If you can sling a 991S around Nurburgring at a 7:40 my hats off to you...don't think you can and therefore as I said..a moot point. I'm not debating the capabilities of the 991S, maybe you didn't read my post.. I would rather have one...just not at the price point it is being offered. Unless my financial means take a real good change for the positive. Would love to have one. I just don't see it in the cards right away.

As far as the GT3 being a big step up...well of course now we are talking a car that is close to $40-50k more than a new E92 M3 with PCCbs and the like.

My favorite car is a GT3, just wish it had back seats .

So let me clarify...I LOVE THE 991S, just don't feel its worth the money.

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