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I'd be interested to see if there is a trend how people that lease are voting vs. people that buy.

I agree with the Ron Paul supporters. Some of his positions were a bit over the top. But he was certainly consistent. He was the only one advocating real change. And the way the media dismissed him was a travesty.

Mostly i am watching the Obama supporters that think he is the Messiah, and the Obama haters that think he is the anti Christ. Being in the military I am concerned with Obama's lack of commitment to leaving us in a position to meet emerging threats...but i also don't think we need to just throw more money at defense spending like Romney wants.

Obama has been Pretty moderate across the board, i strongly disagree with some of his positions, others i agree with. I feel the same about Romney. If you hate everything that one candidate stands're just refusing to be objective.

All that said, I'm very slightly leaning towards the Obama box...just to see where he takes us. If Mitt wins though, i'll be just fine with that. Two sides of the same coin in my book.
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