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Originally Posted by Compos Mentis
I was on the Colombian island of San Andres for 6 months. Beautiful women.
I was there some 15/16 years ago man, great island!

My uncle used to work at the Dutch Embassy in Bogota, Colombia and I visited him twice back then. Visited Cali, Medellin, San Andres, Ibaguey, Cartagena....Most beautiful country I ve ever visited(and I visited a lot of countries around there )

But very dangerous too(Pablo Escobar Era) 'They'(Police/citizens) always thought we were 'gringos' like US Citizens.
Then we told them we were from Holanda(Netherlands) and they started talking about futbol(soccer) and former Dutch international soccerplayers like Van Basten, Rijkaard, Cruijff, and Gullit and they kept asking us about Dutch girls(blonde/blue eyes)LOL

Great country, greater women

EDIT:As I recall San Andres: Tax Free Shopping/holidays for the rich Colombians, small island, touristic, I met a girl (university student) from Bogota, she was ther with friend/class for a week. We dated, her father was a pilot with Avianca(Colombian Airlines) We fell in love like cows, as I remember. Great. We wrote a few letters when we were back home....No email sms or internet back then

Never heard of her anymore. Fine woman.Seriously...