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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
You should check your facts. A friend of mine just bought a '12 E93 335i with 1140 miles on the ODO - no issues with warranty. It was used, but from a Dealer.

I believe the the key is that Dealers are not supposed to sell brand new vehicles that they know will be exported.
US dealers are allowed to sell used cars to Canadians. New cars they are not because BMW USA (and all other automakers) require a US address (not just a PO box even) on file even if paying cash. They aren't allowed to ship parts across the border either.

As for people buying BMWs in the US and importing, it is up to the Canadian dealer whether or not they want to honour the warranty. Free maintenance is a whole other thing. Canadian dealers will not honour free maintenance because they can't bill BMW USA for it.

In terms of price, BMWs are actually very similarly priced when buying new. Used is another story. But with new, once you take in to consideration the cost of duties (6.5%), importation fees, and all other fees associated the price is the same, if not more for buying in the US. I know this because it was cheaper for me to buy my car in Canada where the price was discounted from 50k to 42k. You just need a good rapport with your dealer to get deals that good, and flooding the market with US cars is not the way to do it.