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Originally Posted by Shosholoza View Post
I have just fitted the StopTech 380 BBK, and wanted to give some Kudos to StopTech.
Aside from looking really good, obviously high quality components, all the parts were there, and the installation was simple, with no drama at all.
I have the new Cantrell brake cooling system, no issues with fitment.

After bedding in the street pads, the brakes feel fantastics. I can't wait to test the system in the track with the track pads!
Good choice. I have the ST60/380 setup on the front and ST40/355 setup on the rear. They've been fantastic, with about 25 total track days so far.
Originally Posted by Donbona View Post
I have the street pads on mine... I did 4 fast back to back laps at the Nurburgring with zero brake fade. I think track pads would be a waste of money depending on how many laps and track days you plan to do.

But yes... Stoptechs are awsome!

P.S. do you have the rears too? They make a huge difference.
One of the many benefits of the StopTechs is that they are compatible with such a huge array of pad makes and models. The Street Performance pads that ship with the kit are good pads--great on the street, and quite decent on track--but I found that they disappear pretty quickly after just a few good track days. I switched to Pagid RS29s for track season and have been impressed with their performance and relative longevity.
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