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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
Bin Laden, One war ended, Saved car industry, Economy not great but FAAAARRR from the brink of bankruptcy. Medical care access for everyone (optional), World recognition back, NO attack on US soil or major attack outside, Job creation movin positive way (far from being fixed, but far from where it was in 2006... Wasteful spending cut, and investment focus on Education and new sources of energy (feeling of less dependency on oil and moving that way), So much more...

What did W do in 8 years for you and me (middle class)?

An IMF report on the state of the US and world economy from 10 days back actually lauded a strong administration and Fed for putting the US economy in growth mode, a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future irrespective of who makes it to the White House. It also said that Ben Bernanke is a rock star and Europe is putting in place the exact measures that he took recently. Coincidentally, Romney has vowed to replace Bernanke should he get elected. Which worries me and sets all my alarms going. This guys claims to know Economics, yet wants to try out drastic experiments.. Classic example of his extremist tendencies, as noted earlier.

But I digress.. Fact is, the economy is alive and well. Fact is, jobs are getting added at an increasing pace (raw unemployment % didn't move but the economy added 171,000 new jobs in September). Fact is, more and more specialized and high-paying jobs are getting added. Fact is, businesses and the stock market are doing well and most folks' 401Ks saw double-digit growth in the past year. Fact is, home buying is up and prices are rising steadily nationwide. Fact is, gas prices have risen to reasonable levels (indicating a healthy demand) and leveled off nicely.. And there's plenty more.

All this said, I'm not even sure if the premise behind Romeny's campaign (Change) is a valid one anymore or if it exists anymore. He seems more and more like a pseudo-change candidate that no one wanted to begin with...