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Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
NO-Bama! 4 years and nothing to show for it, if your undecided you really want to wait another 4 years to decide? I say if your unhappy, worse off than 4 years ago and nothings getting better than it is indeed time for change.
Bin Laden, One war ended, Saved car industry, Economy not great but FAAAARRR from the brink of bankruptcy. Medical care access for everyone (optional), World recognition back, NO attack on US soil or major attack outside, Job creation movin positive way (far from being fixed, but far from where it was in 2006... Wasteful spending cut, and investment focus on Education and new sources of energy (feeling of less dependency on oil and moving that way), So much more...

What did W do in 8 years for you and me (middle class)?