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Originally Posted by mswaz View Post
I like the paint, different and loud but not my daily driver,

Whats your thoughts how these will hold value compared to an non Lime Rock M3? Same, less because of color, or slightly more because of color.
Oh and manual transmission of course..
When you talk about a car holding value, there are things about such a car that are much more important than color. How much of it is still in original condition and not modded is one. Mileage is another. How well it's been maintained is another. Color, it seems to me, is close to last on the list when predicting whether a car will hold it's value. I'm talking about holding on to a car past 10 years.
What would have elevated this car to an instant (and very valuable) collectors item is if BMW would have numbered the cars 1 of 200, 2 of 200 and so on, based on when they came off the production line. In fact, BMW could still do that because the vin number contains a series of numbers which tells them when that car came off the line. Someday, some intrepid Limerock owner might be able to pry the information out of them.
As I've said, value will return after you've spent a lot of time with your prize. In order for you to successfully cross this time period with your car, it's crucial that you enjoy every aspect of it including driving it at every opportunity. If you cannot see it as your daily driver, then you might want to ask yourself whether or not you are going to make it to the value stage.
Oh, and the manual on a coupe is an absolute plus.