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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
The S65's REAL power range, except from a dig, 1st gear ONLY, is ~6500/6800 to redline, the Vortech kits generally make more there, at times with less boost, WHERE IT COUNTS ..... but I'd say most people buy a SC'r kit to go faster in a straight line, not for track use, and until someone actually proves otherwise, the Vortech is the better blower for the S65 in that respect.
I don't agree with this. Not everything is about straight line acceleration. Similarly, not everyone who buys a SC kit cares only about straight line acceleration, but for some reason, this seems to be the only comparisson. Also, many people with SC kits track their cars on a circuit. I think when people purchase a SC kit, there are many variables to it, including reliability, power, how it behaves as a daily driver, heat soaking, what kind of support/warranty it comes with, and many many other variables. To be fair, if you want straight line acceleration, there are cheaper, better options compared to an M3. The M3 shines in handling just as much as it shines in power and finesse.

What I am trying to say is that this is turning into a cheap pissing match - which it shouldn't. Getting back on topic, the OP asked about superchargers in general ... and he also already made his decision. The job of this forum is to be informative. Vendors and members should give their own input and leave it at that. If someone starts trashing one brand over the other this will turn ugly.

Just my opinion.
Thank you for reading.